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Sunny day at Olympic Hills elementary, our unofficial neighborhood dog park, 2012

Bolivar loves hammocks

Our first harvest of broccoli. No central blossom, but the side shoots were incredible!

Near Ross Lake, July 2011

What to do when you run out of creative names

Mosstache! Along the Lime Kiln trail near Granite Falls, 2012

Delicious flied garlic!

Valentine’s Brunch at Serafina, 2010

It's funny only to us. "Grapple" is the word we've settled on in our couple-speak that means something akin to snuggle or cuddle.

One of my favorites from Baker Lake, 2012

Christopher on a two dollar drug store float; happy in Hawaii, 2010

Golden Gardens Park with Christopher's niece and nephew, July 2010

Kailua Beach sunrise

Kailua Beach sunrise

Jan 1, 2013 by

Can you imagine waking up to this every morning? Sunrise at Kailua Beach, 2010

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